MMeaningful CollaborationSM in healthcare focuses on the synergistic values added from collaboration of all stakeholders involved in enhancement of health. The stakeholders include patients, medical providers, insurance companies and payors, and governmental and professional compliance and regulating entities. Meaningful Collaboration focuses on the specific needs of each of the stakeholder types and advocates for adapting information technology as a method for achieving the mission of “Improving Quality, Accessibility, and Value for Healthcare Stakeholders, One Collaboration at a Time!”

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Written by Douglas K Smith MD, CPHIMS
Board Certified orthopedic and spine teleradiologist and clinical informatist, inventor, thought leader, and serial doctorpreneur. Principle investigator and author of 35+ peer reviewed journal article and book chapters, 10 health information technology patents pending, 4 Copyrights and 23 Trademarks. During service as US Ski & Snowboarding Team Radiologist, Dr Smith created a collaboration platform based upon the newly released iPAD tablet back in 2010 and remains driven to "Create a universally accessible collaboration platform for healthcare providers everywhere- Meaningful Collaboration.